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You dog will be the star of the show with this adorable collar that features a matching removable bow tie. Inspired by old Hollywood films and classic animated shorts, this adorable bow tie will make your pup look like he just walked off the set of an old-timey movie. No matter where you go, whether it's the dog park, a sporting event, or a trip to the mall, people will stop you and say "That's so adorable! Where did you get that?" Your dog's going to look handsome in this collar--and he knows it. Warning: this dog bow tie with collar might cause excess strutting, confidence, and "showing off" in your pooch.

This dog bow tie might look delicate, but make no mistake--it's strong enough to withstand frequent trips and daily usage. The tie is made from premium fabric that stands up to inclement weather, rough play, camping and hiking trips, mud puddle encounters, and more. If your pup makes a mess, you can remove the tie and wash it by hand in the sink. The collar is just as strong and made from identical fabric, so your pet will always have her ID tags no matter what kind of trouble she gets into.

Feel like taking the tie off once in a while? The tie is fully detachable from the collar, so you can take it off if you don't feel like washing it or want to save it for special occasions. The collar is also fully adjustable and can be used on pets of virtually any size. From tiny chihuahuas to massive great danes, dogs of any size can look handsome and professional in this adorable dog bow tie collar that was made especially for them. And even cats can join in on this fun!

Like most of the products in our store, each dog bowtie is lovingly crafted by hand to ensure that you're getting a durable, high-quality product. We use 100% cotton fabric to make sure that the collar is soft and comfortable for your dog, but strong enough to stand up to everyday wear-and-tear. The clasp is secure so your dog won't easily lose her collar when she's roaming around in the backyard. As pet owners ourselves, we know what kind of features are important to you. That's why we designed this collar to be convenient for pet owners just like you--and encourage your dog to strut their stuff a little along the way.


  • Handmade by our expert artisans
  • Made of 100% cotton fabric
  • Secure clasp with a D-ring
  • Bow tie is detachable from collar
  • Collar can be adjusted to multiple sizes
  • Fits cats as well as dogs

If your dog's birthday is coming up or if you just feel like giving him a treat, imagine his surprise when you get this dog bow tie with collar in the mail. And if you don't have pets yourself, this dog bowtie is the perfect gift for a friend or a loved one. It's smart, it's adorable, and all the pets on the block will be envious of this dog's new style. Not sure what size to get? Check out our sizing guide below.

At Pup Outfitter, we're committed to providing safe, affordable products that are made with pets (and pet owners) in mind. We're not just another online pet store--we're a community of like-minded people who are dedicated to keeping our pets healthy and happy. Got a comment or a question? Don't be afraid to drop us a line. We love making new friends!

A must have showpiece for any Doggy's wardrobe!

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